How Does Search Retargeting Work?

Search retargeting is similar in working mechanics to retargeting because you only show a display advertisement to users after they have taken a specific action. In the case of retargeting it is when the user has previously visited the client's website. With search retargeting a display advertisement is only shown if the user has previously searched for a keyword or keyword phase that is being specifically targeted by the client.

The below example outlines how search retargeting helps plug up the holes in search engine marketing campaigns and builds a bridge with a client's display advertisement strategy. Search retargeting merges the power of search intent with the ability to repeatedly show a client's brand to people that have previously expressed interest by searching for specific keywords or phrases. Keep in mind that you can also display dynamic ads to users, adjusting the advertisement in real-time based on the specific keyword or keyword phase that was previously searched. Check out 2 Search Retargeting Mistakes To Avoid.