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Why Programmatic Advertising Matters?

So why is programmatic advertising so important? The simple answer is that it allows for better efficiency in marketing strategies. Before programmatic advertising and ad buying methods existed, digital ads had to be sold and bought by human salespeople and ad buyers, which lead to a great deal of expensive and unreliable marketing. What's more, in an effort to try and approach the right buyers, marketers had to go for a quantity over quality approach that resulted in thousands of expensive, unsuccessful ad placements.

Programmatic advertising is a solution that can make the ad buying system more efficient, faster, and a lot cheaper for businesses, by removing some of the human element from the process. This doesn't necessarily mean, however, that human buying techniques will cease to exist. Though technology is being used to replace some of the medial tasks that human beings have been responsible for handling in the past, like dealing with ad tags or delivering insertion orders to publishers, humans are still required to optimize strategies and campaigns. While it's true that programmatic ad buying could mean that there are fewer ad buyers in the system, it could also give sellers and marketers a valuable opportunity to spend more of their time on developing customized, and sophisticated campaigns.

Is Programmatic Advertising the Future?

A lot of people suggest that at least in the world of ad buying, programmatic technology is the future. Not only is it more efficient, and often a great deal cheaper than more time-consuming alternatives, but it's also highly effective at improving the way marketing budgets are spent by most companies. The chances are that as technology continues to evolve, new options will appear for marketers and businesses around the world. However, for the meantime, while it's impossible to tell how much advertising is traded programmatically, the number is certainly on the rise.

Many agencies suggest that they're eager to buy up as much media as possible through available programmatic channels, and other major brands have begun to build up in-house teams that help them to manage a more comprehensive programmatic advertising plan. At this time, it's generally digital ads that are sold and bought through programmatic measures, but some media agencies and companies have begun to look into ways that traditional media could be sold through the same concepts.