3 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Really Works

We've all seen the infographics, articles, and online videos exclaiming the various benefits of mobile advertising. Not only is mobile advertising the future of the digital world, but it's also the present - if you haven't already started introducing new strategies into your campaign, then you could be far behind your competitors. More users than ever before are spending the majority of their time on smartphones and mobile devices, and failing to get involved with mobile solutions means missing out on a huge percentage of potential conversions.

For those new to the concept, mobile advertising typically consists of a variety of creative media designed to appear best on mobile devices - from smartphones, to tablets, and even e-readers. The format for mobile marketing advertisements can vary - and many websites, social media platforms, and applications provide their own unique options for businesses to take advantage of. Just as you need a computer and Internet access to be successful in the World of business today, you also need a mobile advertising strategy in order to keep up with the fast-paced lives of the people you're hoping to attract to your brand, product, or service. Following are just three of the reasons why mobile advertising really does work.

1. It's Possible to Add Value with Personalization

For many people, mobile advertising is a great deal more personal than simply reaching out to a huge audience over the Internet. With the use of targeted data and cookies, you can tailor your mobile advertisements to individuals when they are most likely to be affected by them. For instance, during a mobile advertising campaign, you can track the geographical location of a viewer visiting your website, and offer them deals and information based on where they are.

With behavioral targeting and other mobile marketing solutions, it is possible for small businesses and startups to give extra value to their advertising campaigns, ensuring that they deliver the solutions their audiences are looking for - exactly at the time they want them. By leveraging the personalization of mobile advertising, you can generate a higher quality and volume of engagement from your customers.

2. There Are Various Formats to Choose From

About 80% of the time people spend on their smartphones is actually spent using applications. Because mobile advertising solutions allow you to access media opportunities all the way from apps, to mobile responsive websites, to social media banners, you can make the most of the formats that are most likely to appeal to your target audience.

You can even choose to adapt or adjust your advertising techniques to make them more interactive in particular formats. For example, if you're advertising to someone who's currently playing a game on their smartphone, then your advertisement could link in with the game that they're playing, and even have a gaming aspect to it. If your advertising campaign is too serious for a game app, then you may choose to use mobile banner ads, pay per call mobile marketing, multi-media messaging services, or even Bluetooth proximity marketing as part of your campaign. The possibilities are endless.

3. You Can Constantly Test and Improve Your Techniques

Finally, one of the best things about the prevalence of mobile advertising in today's digital world, is that we are discovering new and improved ways to measure metrics and learn more from the information that mobile browsers offer up to us. By analyzing the applications that certain demographics download, which pages they visit, and what times of day they are most likely to browse the Internet, you can customize your mobile advertising experience to ensure that you always pinpoint your target audience at the time they are most likely to convert.

You can even choose to split your mobile marketing campaign between a number of different settings, from Facebook and Social media advertising, to application banners and more, then test which options give you the best results. Keep in mind that there are also a range of step-by-step tutorials and advice columns available online that can help you in implementing your mobile advertising campaign from scratch. The more you learn, the more successful your strategy is likely to be.

By 2019, mobile should account for about 72% of the ad spend for digital marketers - meaning that figuring out what will work best for you is an important task in getting ahead of your competitors.