How Does Retargeting On Facebook Work?

Extend your reach by leveraging Facebook Advertising capabilities through ExactDrive's Self-Serve Advertising Platform. Leverage the worlds largest social media platform by advertising on the prestigious domain. Target category sections such as Albums, Events, Pages, Home, Profile, Photos and more. Check out the facebook advertising guidelines to learn more.

ExactDrive’s retargeting component extends into the Facebook Exchange; Ads will be served to past visitors or lost prospects on the Facebook Newsfeed and Right-Hand side of Facebook encouraging them to complete the lead submission process.

The Facebook retargeting efforts will leverage our real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities, allowing us to leverage the world’s largest social media platform and prestigious domain at the lowest possible cost.

We can serve ads with personalized messages that encourage users to convert, like a Facebook page and/or share information about your products and services. Visit our dynamic ads page to learn more. View Facebook Infographic.