4 Ways To Unleash The Power Of Facebook Advertising

Research suggests that of the 3.010 billion active internet users that are online today, 2.078 billion utilize social media accounts. Numbers like these confirm that social media is becoming an incredibly important and lucrative part of the online advertising sphere. However, despite the fact that Facebook could be the most versatile social networking platform available for promoting your business to your target audience - few businesses fully understand how to master the Facebook ad engine. ExactDrive would like to help.

Facebook delivers a number of fantastic opportunities for reaching your target market. However, your success as a company hinges on understanding the secrets associated with unlocking the website's true potential. Here are four of the top secrets that you should know if you're looking to unleash the power of Facebook advertising. 

1. Using Facebook Audience Insights Is Crucial

The "Audience Insights" aspect of Facebook advertising offers businesses the ideal opportunity to learn more about the potential customers on their email list. Though many people have heard of "Custom Insights", the Audience Insight option is one of the most important, yet under-utilized secrets of the Facebook advertising engine. This tool differs from the "Page insights" concept, as it allows you to analyze the latest trends that relate to your current and potential customers.

Located in the "Ads Manager" category, Audience Insights can give you a range of information about your target audience, such as:

  • Page Likes: the amount of comments and likes people have left on your Facebook posts, along with how often they have clicked on ads.
  • Facebook Usage: whether your primary audience accesses your Facebook page through mobile devices or desktops.
  • Location and language: where your audience is located and what their preferred language is
  • Buyer activity: information on the past buying behavior of current and potential customers, as well as the preferred shopping methods.
  • Demographics: the gender and age of your audience, along with other factors such as education

With this feature, you can get your hands on some crucial information which should help you to implement better user-engagement policies on your business page. For example, if you discover that the majority of your audience visits your page from a mobile device, then you could consider making a mobile app for your webpage, or delivering creatives specifically tailored to a mobile format. 

2. Facebook Custom Audience Can Help You Retarget

Facebook has recently introduced a new advertising feature to help brands and companies retarget their existing or potential customers. If you've heard of retargeting or remarketing lately, you'll know that it's a fantastic and effective way of re-connecting with people who have previously shown interest in your brand or company. The Facebook "Custom Audience" feature allows you to keep track of people who have visited your website through a Facebook advertisement.

The tool is useful in ensuring that you target your advertisements towards audiences who you already hold some form of relationship with. In other words, it assists you in directing your marketing efforts towards the users and visitors who are more likely to generate conversions. 

3. Facebook Power Editor Lets You Create Ad Variation Buttons

Fantastic for tailoring your marketing efforts according to the stage of the purchasing funnel your target customer is in, the Power Editor is an advertisement creation and management tool for those who want complete, customizable control over their campaigns. Once you open the tool - all you need to do is select the advertisement section at the top of the page. As the data starts to populate, you will find that a new button "Generate Variations" appears, allowing Facebook to mix and match aspects and create diverse ad variations based on Ad placement and type. 

4. Facebook Conversion Tracking Lets You See Success

If you're hoping your target audiences will take certain actions when they see your Facebook campaigns, such as subscribing to something or making a purchase - the conversion tracking tool should let you know if your campaigns are effective or not. Conversion tracking will help you calculate the ROI of your Facebook advertisements, by giving you data on the actions people taken when presented with your personalized marketing efforts.

One of the most important parts of any marketing campaign you attempt is tracking the results. The more attention you pay to the conversions, leads, and interest that you are generating, the more likely you are to improve your future success and create a more effective Facebook advertising scheme. Remember, it's keeping up to date with the latest trends and understanding how to make the most out of the tools that they offer that allows you - the marketing expert - to distinguish yourself from the masses of people dabbling in online advertising.