The Lost Art Of Effective Behavioral Targeting

When people click through to your website, they do so with different goals and purposes in mind. The force that drives your visitor - whether it's the search for information, the desire to buy, or they simply clicked on your link by mistake, will determine how they behave on your website. Many of the landing pages and websites on the Internet provide the same experience for all the various different forms of visitor that may arrive there. This is why the web is crammed full of call-to-actions from companies trying to appeal to every visitor, but end up appealing to no-one. So how do you make your website or landing page more effective? Behavioral targeting could be the perfect solution.

Behavioral targeting involves customizing the ads that you display according to individual behavior. These advertisements could be segmented according to visitors that approach your website at certain times, or the amount of time that they spend on your web pages - alongside various other things. Using numerous technologies and tools, companies can track the actions of internet users analyze them to develop a profile for behavior, which advertisers can use to create messages that target that user.