Programmatic Audio Advertising Is About More Than Reach

The benefits of programmatic audio advertising go much further than pure reach

In terms of traditional online display ads, fraud is becoming a key concern for marketers; and so audio ads offer a way to avoid the fact that the majority of bots focus on traditional display ads.

Beyond radio itself, audio offers loads of other opportunities via streaming. Spotify has close to 100 million users (as of June 2016) and 60% of these use the free service which exposes them to ads. In fact, according to the RAJAR Midas Audio Survey of 2015, 51% of time spent with on-demand music services is to a service that features advertising.

On top of this, when you advertise in an audio space, you’re out there on your own. The time you’ve paid for is yours and yours alone, because you’re not competing with other adverts, or a limited screenspace. Put simply, listeners can’t listen to anything else while they’re listening to an ad, so the engagement is a massive factor for placing audio ads.

Programmatic audio advertising also works well on mobile. Here in America, 75.8% of U.S. digital audio listening occurs on mobile vs. 24.2% on desktop. In the UK, 38% of audio listening is on devices other than radios - primarily PCs and laptops, which make up 11% of all audio, and smartphones, which make up 8%. Mobile advertising is growing in popularity and effectiveness day by day - so with programmatic audio advertising you can get in on this act.

In summary, there’s no denying that radio - the original broadcast medium - hasn’t lost its appeal. And whether consumers are streaming music, listening to podcasts, or tuning in for the news, they really are all ears.

By adding programmatic audio advertising into your marketing campaigns, you’ll be tapping in to today’s key trends and reaching out to your target audience more effectively than ever before.