Guidelines For Mobile Creatives

There are many exciting opportunities for mobile advertising on ExactDrive's advertising platform. Mobile inventory is comprised of mobile app in addition to mobile browsers (e.g. iPad, iPhone, android, etc.). Mobile in-app inventory currently consists of WP7 mobile apps. There are different creative standards for mobile devices since they are much smaller than your typical computer screen. Standard creatives sizes in mobile applications are different sizes than web browser creatives. Text creatives are also served on mobile application inventory. You will be able to serve only image creatives or hosted text creatives on mobile application inventory. We may support other formats in the future. If you attach creatives to a mobile application campaign in formats other than image or text, those creatives will not serve.

Guidelines for mobile-based Image Creatives

  • Most popular mobile in-app image creative sizes are 320x50 and 300x50
  • GIF, JPEG or PNG image creatives are accepted
  • SWF is currently not supported for mobile in-app image creatives

Guidelines for mobile-based Hosted Text Creatives

  • Hosted text creatives are sizeless and will serve on any size placement

Title: 25 characters
Description: 70 characters
Display URL: 35 characters
Landing page URL:  typical http:// website landing page URL